I’m a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. Mike Hill says:

    Hi April,

    Apologies for the out of the blue outreach. Noticed you were interested in “Skills based volunteering” on your Linkedin, and based on your background hoped you might be interested in this opportunity.

    We are looking for Mentors for the Technology For Impact (TFI) Fellowship.

    The TFI Fellowship is a Summer opportunity for technology students (Graduate and Undergraduate, at different universities around the Bay Area) to be entirely responsible for a real world technology solution to impact a growing nonprofit.

    This year our theme is children and education in low income communities, meaning that all of our nonprofits support these causes.
    Website is below:

    A TFI Mentor is a professional in Software Engineering, Programming, Development, Design or any other field related to our projects:

    This is a very small time commitment with a very high impact. What is expected of you:

    1. Getting support from professionals in the field, like you, adds an enormous amount of credibility to the Fellowship and will ultimately help us support more and more nonprofits every year.

    2. At the very least we ask that you make yourself available for questions from the students remotely. Basically this means you are aware of the projects, and the students are given your contact information and expertise. In case they get stuck during the project and would reach out to you for help.

    3. A level beyond that (not required) would be attending one of our bi-monthly evening/weekend collaboration meetings to work face to face with the students. This would be 2 hours of your time, any time between June and August.

    If you are interested you can simply reply back, and I am happy to talk or answer any questions by email.

    ​Mike Hill
    Executive Director Technology For Impact Fellowship
    m(650) 520-1244 e: mike@tfi-fellowship.org

  2. Eddie Lim says:

    Hi April –

    I pinged you on AngelList, thought I’d try you here as well!

    My name is Eddie Lim and I’m a founder at Point. We’re an early-stage real-estate finance technology company funded by a16z, Greylock, and Ribbit Capital.

    We’re taking the biggest single asset that most folks have in their lifetime and making it completely liquid, divisible and tradable. Point’s first product lets homeowners “sell” fractional equity in their home. There are no monthly repayments — instead, homeowners get a tax-deferred lump sum now. Point’s approach solves key challenges facing the housing market: affordability issues in many markets; seniors who are equity-rich and cash-poor; and, millennials who cannot get onto the property ladder at all.

    We’re just five folks total, coding in Rails, and based in downtown PA. Let me know if you’d like to chat further over coffee or via phone later this week!


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