1234227_656469411043747_912080071_nI found this awesome old game at the used bookstore. You play numbered notes on a little piano and people guess the tune. Sounds super fun, right? It claims you don’t need any music ability because it’s just numbers. However, there are a few issues:

  1. The songs are all really old and not necessarily well-known.
  2. The lack of an artist name makes it even harder to recognize the song title.
  3. With this simplified notation, it’s very difficult to get the song right unless you already know it ahead of time.

I don’t want to give up on it, though. So, I’m thinking of creating new cards with modern music, or at least music more familiar to me. I want to make a bunch, so it’d be nice if it were automated. My one idea so far is to locate sheet music or MIDI files of songs, trim to the melody portion, and then map it to the numbers on the keyboard. I haven’t worked out the details.

Of course, I’m reminded of Oscar’s words in “Classy Christmas”:

┬áHere’s a question nobody’s asking: Is this worth it?

Probably not, but it might be fun!

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  1. richtaur says:

    With updated music, that sounds like a really fun game, both on the playing and guessing sides. You should totally do it!

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